10.April 2024, Rating list, WM Test, Logos

20.March 2024, Rating list update, 47 engines added, new logos

16.April 2023, Rating list update, Database cleanup, Name corrections

21.March.2023 - Rating list and games, 1000 games test, Test suite

10.Sep. 2022 - Rating list, 1000 games test, settings

12.June 2022 - CM personalities rating list, time influence

21.May.2022 - Rating List, Test suite, CM-personality

6.May.2022 - CM Hybrid, Rating list, Test Suite, links

14.Mar.2022 - 1000 games test, Ratinglist, Test suite, CM-settings, Grandmaster, CM only, contact

16.Jan.2022 - updates for Ratinglist, Logos

2.Jan.2022 - updates for Ratinglist, GM-page, Chess computer page added, my PC page added

29.Dec.2021 - CM-pers. Firouzja added

27.Dec:2021 - CM only page added

26.Dec.2021 - updates for Grandmaster Edition, Logos

23.Dec.2021 - updates for King Elos, Grandmaster Edition, 1000 games test

22.Dec.2021 - King ELOs added

12.Dec.2021 - Grandmaster page, downloads, Logos, settings

10.Dec.2021 - Links and Logos update

8.Dec.2021 - 1000 games test update. Four engines added.

6.Dec.2021 - Logos and links added, some corrections. Ratinglist now displays correct

5.Dec.2021 - Site online now!
















wb2uci Adapter from Odd Gunnar Malin

InBetween from Odd Gunnar Malin - to use outside settings in CM10/11-GUI that you can not create inside CM-GUI because of the unprecise personality editor.

visual basic script by Emil Vlasak and Jan Pletanek to generate the OPK number.
OPK_CM.rar   read the readme!     Updated 12.12.2021

Chessmaster tablebase generator


10th Edition Patches

Grandmaster Edition Patches     also chess sets and personalities

Graham's programs - usefull tools

Franz Huber's Program Projects

ChessBridge - Tool to work with CM-Gui and the King engine in different ways

Chessbase Free and Open Source Software